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Who we are

Maggie May Hawkins Roman

Pepper Ravenhurst Roman
Coco Breckenridge Roman
Piddle Creek's Masked Man

Piddle Creek's Jett Propelled

     LaBelle Labradors is a family owned business by Rob and Sherri Roman, consisting of our family of Labrador Retrievers. We are located in Trego, Wisconsin. All of our females have had their health clearances.    

Maggie May Hawkins is our new LaBelle Labrador female. She is Pepper and Mask's daughter born in 2018. She passed her genetic health screenings and this spring 2020 after her 2nd birthday she passed her OFA certifications with excellent hips and normal elbow xrays!. She has a sweet disposition and has found her place in the pack! Maggie May will be having her first litter in the spring/summer of 2021. More to come.

Pepper is our black female lab and Lucy's daughter. She was she has given us three litters. She has recently been bred with Piddle Creek's Jett Propelled and 7 Pups were born in July 21, 2020! Pepper will be retiring after this litter.

Coco is our chocolate female lab. She has given us two litters and was bred in January of 2019 to Piddle Creek's Dash. She had 8 puppies and they all went to wonderful homes! Coco was recently bred to Dash for a summer litter of 10 born July 3, 2020! Coco will also be retiring after this litter.

Piddle Creek's Masked Man is a dark Yellow, almost and orange in coloring. Owned by Kathleen Strong, he is very energetic and an eager young stud we have used in 2018.

Piddle Creek's Jett Propelled is on his was to Junior standing at just 2 years old and has been very eager in his training thus far. He was bred with Pepper this year.

     Our labs are indoor/outdoor pets that interact with us daily, so they are very friendly and socially stable animals. We encourage daily exercise by allowing them to run in our one-acre back yard that is free from lawn chemicals. 

     In addition, we feed the dogs a variety of raw foods along with their dry dog food (Diamond brand and Under the Sun brand). We encourage their need for enzymes and feel this is one way they receive them.  

     We welcome interested parties to bookmark our web page to stay abreast of news regarding our litters of puppies in the spring of 2021. Our phone number is 1-715-635-4818, if you have any other questions or would like to discuss possible addition to our waiting list. The labrador retriever is an all-American favorite among many and we anticipate our litters to be sold soon after birth.

Please see us on Facebook under LaBelle Labradors for fun videos and pictures of present litters!!!

[Below; Piddle Creek's Mad Dash earned his Junior Hunter before age 2. Very impressive!]

Piddle Creek's Mad Dash

How do we take care of our Puppies, you ask?

It begins with the mama. When the female is pregnant, in addition to giving her puppy food because of it's higher protein, I supplement her diet with hard boiled eggs, beef liver, or beef heart for added protein. She also gets her supplements of Salmon Oil, Brewers Yeast with Garlic, and a digestive enzyme daily. Then about a week before the puppies are born I give her a dose of Pyrantel to begin the deworming schedule. For one week I will supplement her diet with Fortiflora, which is for her gut health. 
She will get twice-three times as much food per day as she is nursing her young to keep up her milk supply.  
When the puppies are 2 weeks old we begin their deworming schedule. Then at 3-4 weeks old I begin soaking puppy food and feeding the little darlins once a day to acclimate them to solid food and also to make sure they are pooping okay.  
At the 4 week interval, after dosing them a second time with deworming meds I will begin supplementing their puppy food with Fortiflora to keep them from getting diarrhea, which most certainly comes from the Pyrantel. 
At around 5 weeks of age I begin to give them harder food and soon they are eating the crunchy kibbles instead of soft food.  Yum! When they reach 6 weeks of age they get another dose of Pyrantel and they get a visit to the Vet for a health check. They also get their first vaccinations. Whew! Now you tell me if it isn't tough being a puppy!!! Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our schedules! We welcome any and all questions! Blessings! 

Lucy is our white female lab. She has had 5 litters for us. As of May 27th, 2019, which was Memorial Day, our Lucy, LuLu, passed on to dog heaven. We are so proud of her. We will greatly miss her, too.