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2020 Puppy Season

Posted on 28 February, 2020 at 21:00

Hey ya'all! Are you ready for SPRING?? 

Our winter season here in the great Northwoods of Wisconsin is winding its way down...though...still hanging on, but I have faith it will soon release its icy grip and allow the snows to melt and expose the early blooms.

Ahhh, and what comes to mind when I see the evidence of spring and all her glory? GARDENING! Yes! Planting seeds and bringing forth new life. And speaking of NEW life...

Puppies! Now what speaks to my heart louder than puppy season? Absolutely nothing. Last fall, when the last of our puppies of 2019 left for their new homes and new lives, I thought for sure we would have an early spring litter from our chocolate female, Coco. But the wrenches of life were thrown our way in abundance, so we had to let the possibility of spring puppies fall by the wayside. What a disappointment. But as long as there are females in heat, there is hope for puppies another day.

Which brings me to our upcoming 2020 puppy season prediction. Coco and her sister, Pepper (our black female) are expected to begin their next heat (estrus) cycle in May. It's hard to tell when exactly in May that will be, but I have had a little meeting with Kathy Strong, owner of Piddle Creek Kennel in Baronette, WI and whose studs we use, and it has been arranged for Coco to breed again with Dash and Pepper to breed again with Mask. So based on this premise, we are hoping for one complete chocolate litter by Coco and mostly yellows from Pepper. I say, "mostly", because Pepper's last yellow litter had all yellows and one little black male pup. So who's to say? Only the Lord knows all, right?

Anybody interested in being added to our call list send us a message. It may be a few days before I can contact you back, so please be patient with me.  Our call list is a list I keep for people wanting to be contacted when we begin breeding. At that time I will call you and let you know what we are doing and when we expect our litters to be born, Lord willing, of course. You get moved to a waiting list when the puppies are born and you have decided to claim one as  your own and send your nonrefundable deposit to hold your little darlin'. It's that simple. Really. More later!

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