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Patiently Waiting...

Posted on 7 June, 2020 at 21:40

Hey y'all! We are back to let you know that we believe the Lord has blessed us with 2 litters of pups coming soon! We are waiting with bated breath! Well, to tell you the truth, I am just fine to wait the alloted time for those little darlin's to be born because I still have much work to do in preparation!

I'm just now getting our garden in for the growing season and I'm having a little trouble feeling enough energy to do it all and be done with it, so I'm doing two rows of planting each evening...three evenings down and perhaps I more evening to go! So after that is all done I will be working in the basement to set up the whelping boxes. I think I'll post a photo of them as I get them ready.

I have been noticing that my Coco and Pepper or one of them anyways, is digging around under the deck outdoors doing her own preparing...and that spells trouble for ME! Gads! I've been working on plugging up her "nests" and I suppose I should let those two girls sleep in the basement near where the indoor "nests" are gonna be made so they finally get it.

So that is it for in prayer for me as I get my duties done. Lord knows I could use all the prayer I can get!

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