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Coco's Last Litter and Maggie's Second 2022

Posted on 26 April, 2022 at 21:30


It feels as though we have had puppies all year! Wait! We HAVE had puppies all year! What?? 

Coco had her last litter of three pups on January 3, 2022 and Maggie May had her second litter of 9 puppies on January 9, 2022...the only thing is after the families came for their little darlings, we kept back one of Maggie's little boys to have here as a playmate for his sister who came back to us for 4 weeks while her family went out of town. and now they are both back with their respective owners and my husband is SUPER excited to have his days back! Raising one puppy is dedicated, hard work but TWO? Well, put it this way...we didn't quite know what we were getting in to...but now we do! And Maggie LOVED hanging out with two of her children while helping with their play time! 

Now we are going to be skipping Maggie's next heat cycle to give her a little rest. But November is just down the road a little piece and will be bringing with it new beginnings...Lord willing, of course!

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