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LaBelle Labradors

...where your new puppy gets a great start!

2022-23 Prices for puppies are as follows:

$1000.00 for female with limited registration

$1200.00 for female full registration with breeding rights ($1000 for pup and $200 for full registration)

$1000.00 for male with limited registration

$1200.00 for male full registration with breeding rights ($1000 for pup and $200 for full registration)

$400.00 nonrefundable deposit holds a puppy for you and your place in the picking order. No Refunds unless we were unable to provide the designated puppy for you.

The balance of $600 is due in cash the day of pick up.

We will not transport puppies to their new owners. You must come and pick the puppy up personally. We want to ensure the least amount of stress on the little one!

What is given with each Pup

Dew Claw removal and first Vet visit


Diamond brand puppy food for large dogs sample pack

First set of Vaccinations

Health Certificate with second Vet visit

Puppy-to-go-folder and extras

No Contracts

I do not sign contracts. I do not expect you to sign one either. I offer a beautiful and healthy puppy considering I do not give guarantees or warranties. If you want a guarantee, then I would have to follow up on you and how you are feeding and treating your puppy. I would need to see receipts for the top brand of dog food offered on the market. I would need to have you take your puppy to the Vet every 6 months for health checks and see the receipt for each visit...up until 2 years of age. I would expect you NOT to alter (spay or neuter) your pet for the first 2 years to assure that puppy is the healthiest possible. I would expect you to NOT over-vaccinate your puppy based on what MY recommendations are regarding vaccinations...not your Vet. And I could go on. I do not want to run after you and micro-manage your life or the life of your pet. Therefore I do NOT sign contracts nor offer guarantees. BUT I believe with every fiber in my being that I offer the most healthy puppy for your family that you can get with or without a guarantee. And I do stand behind my dogs and your puppy and its well being and consider us family for the life of your new pet. I can offer references regarding my claims upon request. Thanks!!

Our best girl, Lucy Orianne, may she rest in peace. I know she would rather be here with us, though.

Lucy's two darlings